Sync Org-mode Agenda to Calendar Apps

I have been using org-mode for several years. One of the advantages of org-mode is it’s flexibility to synchronize todo events with calendar apps. Let me share my experience.

Porting Rime Input Method Engine to Guix

Now that I have completely migrated all my computers to Guix, I have to input Chinese on Guix. (I am a Chinese.) The only option for me is libpinyin in either ibus or fcitx, but I want to use the Rime Input Method Engine. Again, I have to port this software to Guix by myself, because I know Guix is so rare among Chinese geeks that no one else will do this for me.

Porting LXQt to Guix

I was a Unity and Gnome user for many years. But ever since I tried i3 window manager, I never look back. i3 window manager is great, but it lacks XDG compatibility. It cannot automatically start apps within autostart directory upon login. I hate to add these random programs to my i3 config file, So I want to run i3 window manager within a light weight XDG compliant desktop environment. I know there are only three options: XFCE, LXDE, LXQt.

Bye Bye Debian, Hello Guix

从高三时第一次接触Gnu/Linux到现在已经好多年了。最开始只是尝试使用Ubuntu,后来成了Debian系distro的死忠粉,从桌面环境到服务器都一直用着Debian。现在我要宣布和 Debian拜拜了。因为我有了Guix!

Donate to the Emacs Helm Project

I am very sad to hear the news that Thierry Volpiatto has to stop developing the Emacs Helm project due to financial reasons. So I registered a Patron account and donate to him monthly.

Termux on Android Tablet

我的备用机。Android平板电脑 + 蓝牙键盘,运行Termux。

A Schoolmate Rest in Peace


Donate to Magit Kickstarter

给Magit Kickstarter捐赠了一笔小钱。

My Raspberry Pi 3B update 1


GRE in IPsec Tunnel MTU Issue

最近把Raspberry Pi上的GRE tunnel套了一层IPsec,引发了一个令人蛋碎的问题。

Raspberry Pi上有一个连接国外服务器的GRE tunnel,和一个用hostapd搭建的无线AP。到国外的网络路由全部走tunnel,所以连接AP的设备都可以愉快的上Google、Facebook、 Twitter。这个AP稳定工作了很久很久… 直到几天前,我给GRE tunnel外面套了一层IPsec。